Behind The Lens: Editing Witchery

Hello my dudes!

So I’ve been running a beauty blog and Instagram for over a year now, and the way I edit my photos has started to make me think more and more about what we see everyday on social media.

For example, take the above photo of a bunch of lipsticks. Bright white background, vivid
colours, no yellow tinge to the silver on the bullets. It’s definitely not the clearest photo
(it may or may not have been taken on an iPhone 5s that I accidentally ran over with my car), but it I can assume that most people would find it generally pleasing.

Then take the original, completely unedited photo. Pretty dark, yellow, visible creases in the background material, a little more blurry – doesn’t really fit the typical ‘Insta-worthy’ aesthetic, right?


So what if this was an advertisement on social media? Same product, different edits – different decision on whether or not to buy? It really makes you think about what’s really behind that Valencia filter you love so much.

What do you think? Does this change how you feel about perhaps editing your own photos? I don’t see anything wrong with blurring out a pesky pimple, but do you feel differently when it comes to advertising? Just something to think about.



Author: unfiltrd

Unfiltrd is a campaign designed to reveal the truth behind the social media posts that influence the lives of youth across the globe.

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