How To Actually Feel Happier (Not According to Instagram)

Step 1: toast your quinoa at 63.4 degrees whilst simultaneously sprinkling deep-antlantic sea salt 4cm above the plate.

Okay no, but here’s a few real-world tips:

  • Try and get more sleep

You can finish Riverdale tomorrow, no amount of caffeine can fix 12 minutes of sleep.

  • Drink more water

You can’t live off of frozen cokes and soy lattes forever. There’s a point where having your body be 60% boost juice becomes dangerous.

  • Buy those shoes

Retail therapy is okay for sadness! Provided you’ve already paid your phone bill and unibar tab.

  • Make something cool

Put together a salad, or a quesadilla! Putting a bit of effort into what you’re eating can make you feel in-control and good about yourself. No seriously, get out of the KFC line.



Author: unfiltrd

Unfiltrd is a campaign designed to reveal the truth behind the social media posts that influence the lives of youth across the globe.

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